Sydney Dragway’s Santo’s Summer Thunder saw Team Bray Racing and the rest of the Pro Slammer field feeling the heat, with the temperature hitting 41 degrees on Saturday.

After testing runs on Friday saw TBR’s Ben Bray run the second quickest ET of the Pro Slammers (5.74s) it was on to race day Saturday, with a three-round ‘all-run’ format employed.

It was an up and down day in the heat for drivers Ben Bray and Frankie Taylor and the crew, however the team was pleased to walk away with four wins from six races while ending the event on a high-note with a pair of victories.

“The three round all-run format is really good for the crowd as they get to see every one of the competitors race for three rounds, no matter what happens,” Ben explained.

“That was good for me as I lost my first round!” he laughed, “but I was able to make up for it with a win in our final race with a 5.722s ET.

“For Frankie it was a bit of a reverse of my results to start with – he won his first round and then was shut down on the start line for his second. The good news was we were able to sort that issue and get him back out for the final round of racing, and he took a win there too with a 5.797s pass.

“Our fun wasn’t restricted to the racing either – I had the honour of opening the show in our TBR burnout car on Sydney Dragway’s burnout pad which was pretty cool, and the fans seemed to enjoy it! They did well to persevere through the heat on Saturday – with those temperatures, I was certainly happy to have the help of Coolshirt Systems to keep me cool in the car across the day!”

Team Bray Racing will next be on-track at the Perth Motorplex across March 3-4, with US drag racing star Frankie Taylor set to again join the team.

“What a weekend that was at Sydney Dragway – I only just got back from the US on Friday where it is the middle of Winter, so the 40 plus degree temperatures on Saturday were a real contrast for me, that’s for sure,” said Frankie.

“Despite the heat it was a good weekend and while we might not have won the event, Ben and I each got two out of three wins and we made some good progress as always, so I think it was a successful day out for TBR. Our congratulations go to Paul Mouhayet who took out the event Pro Slammer win over John Zappia.

“For me now it is time to fly back into the cold back home in the US, but I will be back for the next round with Team Bray Racing in Perth – I can’t wait to see what we can do there!”

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